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Our trademark brand items include authentic and iconic family board games, look-good, feel-great sportswear clothing, and other merchandise. All the products feature the Run Jamaica Run or the Run Africa Run logos. The concept, the design is a representation of the islands, the Caribbean, and Africa, our motherland people's culture, and vibrant colors.  

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Run Jamaica Run
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The game's two versions simulate a race event at 400m and 800m distance. It's lighthearted fun, a learning tool for the youth, playable in 3 languages: English/ French/ Spanish or Portuguese, starting from age seven-years-old. By the roll of a dice, each play has an even and fair chance of winning. The rapid and continual movement generates an ambiance and nonstop interactivity amongst the players. Start to end, a player strives to be the 1st, make deals, and earn a various amount of toy e-dollar from the race sponsor. Getting rewarded and penalized is highly possible throughout the race

Run Run
Family Game